Koala Research Foundation Australia is partnering with world leading researchers in the Koala Health and Rehabilitation Collaborative for a pioneering research and chlamydia vaccination program, and the captive breeding and release of wild koalas.

Our Purpose

Save Our Species

There are already several reputable local and national organisations committed to issues like habitat loss, diseases and providing world-class care to sick or injured koalas across Australia.

The purpose of the KRFA is to establish a program to focus on the conservation and preservation the koala species in southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Once we have established a successful framework, we will share the program with a wider koala population.

All funds donated to the KRFA are exclusively exclusively for research, vaccinations, captive breeding and tracking, and in accordance with our ACNC & DGR1 status.

Our Researchers

The project team Is led by Dr Michael Pyne and supported by Professor Ken Beagley (QUT), Associate Professor Steve Johnston (UQ) and Ecologist John Callaghan.

Dr Michael Pyne OAM

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Dr. Michael Pyne, a revered wildlife veterinarian, has led Australia’s wildlife conservation for more than 20 years. As the Senior Vet and General Manager at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, he provides exceptional care to over 14,000 wildlife cases annually, overseeing a dedicated team. His commitment to wildlife preservation inspires the conservation community.

Professor Ken Beagley

Queensland University of Technology

Ken Beagley is a Professor of Immunology at Queensland University of Technology who has spent 35 years working in the areas of reproductive and mucosal immunology. His interests focus on immunity to chlamydia in humans and koalas, and his research developed the first vaccine to prevent the infection in Koalas.

Associate Professor Steve Johnston

University of Queensland

A/Prof Stephen Johnston is a trained zoologist and specialises in reproductive biology. He has worked with a broad diversity of species with a major focus on Australian mammals, including koalas. He recently conducted a study to better understand the effect of chlamydia on male koala reproduction, as well as other reproduction related projects.

Administration and Program Partner

Digital Infratech, the administration and program partner in KRFA, is a prominent local technology, health, and property business. Led by director Allan Larkin.

Digital Infratech is committed to 100% of all funding raised to be used exclusively for research, vaccinations, captive breeding and tracking. All KRFA overheads and administration will be funded by Digital Infratech.


“Our directors have brought together their diverse networks and experiences for the Koala Research Foundation Australia to establish a program which works towards saving a national icon. Our aim is to ensure koalas can thrive in the wild for generations to come.”

Doug Buerger


Murray d’Almeida


Murray d’Almeida has more than 35 years of diverse national and international business experience in finance, accounting, retail franchising, mining, both in Australia and overseas.

Allan Larkin


Allan Larkin has had more than 30 years’ experience in construction and property and is now focused on supporting a suite of Australian businesses in sustainability, innovation, and environment.

Doug Buerger


Doug Buerger is a geologist with more than 40 years’ experience in the minerals industry with 13 years as Managing Director and CEO of a gold mining company.

Greg Jenke


Greg Jenke is a former Hospital CEO with 38 years’ experience as a senior healthcare executive of both public and private hospitals in four states.

Ben Crompton

Company Secretary

Ben Crompton is a Chartered Accountant and Solicitor from the Gold Coast, with experience in both accounting and law who runs his own practice.

Our Partners

Research Partners

University of Queensland

Queensland University of Technology

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

Administration and Program Partner

Help us save the species.

The research program brings together world experts in the fields of koala biology and medicine. Its strength lies in collaboration and the integration of unique and complimentary expertise, from The University of Queensland, QUT, and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Koala Research and Vaccination

Support a pioneering koala research and chlamydia vaccination program on Australia’s east coast and join the fight to save our species.

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