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The wild Koala population in southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales will become extinct unless action is taken against chlamydial disease.

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Koala Research Foundation Australia is partnering with world leading researchers in the Koala Health and Rehabilitation Collaborative for a pioneering research and chlamydia vaccination program, and the captive breeding and release of wild koalas.

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Our Purpose

With our partners, the Koala Research Foundation Australia (KRFA) is working to deliver a pioneering research and vaccination program with benefits for koala populations nationally.

Alongside koala rescue, rehabilitation, and habitat protection, managing disease is equally critical. Extinction seems like a distant possibility but is a very real outcome unless action is taken. Our research is finding ways to manage chlamydia in koalas of southeast Queensland, addressing the unique local disease profile, and to share successful methods to preserve and enhance koala populations across the country.

Breeding healthy koalas for release into the wild is also a major research objective. Increasing the number of healthy koalas in the wild will help ensure their survival as a species.

Our research and vaccinations are primarily undertaken at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast with a leading research team from the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital admits almost 500 wild koalas annually.

60% of these admissions are because the koala is suffering from clinical chlamydial disease.

Our Home

Wild koalas inhabit Australia’s east coast with disease and health profiles unique to each region. Our research and vaccination program has commenced with wild koalas in and around Elanora, a small bush suburb on the Gold Coast in southeast Queensland.

Despite minimal loss of habitat in the area, the local koala population is estimated to have halved in the last 7 years. This is likely linked to high levels of chlamydial disease.

Our Impact

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Koalas vaccinated
GPS tracked koalas
Healthy joeys born from tracked koalas

Our Partners

Research Partners

University of Queensland

Queensland University of Technology

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

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The research program brings together world experts in the fields of koala biology and medicine. Its strength lies in collaboration and the integration of unique and complimentary expertise, from The University of Queensland, QUT, and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Koala Research and Vaccination

Support a pioneering koala research and chlamydia vaccination program on Australia’s east coast and join the fight to save our species.

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